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Introducing our revolutionary Keratin Bond Heat Tool, a game-changer in the world of hair extensions. Designed with innovation and functionality in mind, this tool is set to elevate your hair extension application process to new heights.

The square plate design of our Keratin Bond Heat Tool sets it apart from traditional heat tools in the market. This unique feature allows for easy and efficient working with any size tip. Whether you’re working with small or large keratin tips, our tool’s square plate size ensures a perfect fit, making the process of bonding the keratin tips a breeze.

Equipped with ceramic heating plates, our Keratin Bond Heat Tool guarantees a smooth and seamless application. The ceramic material evenly distributes heat, ensuring that each bond is secure and long-lasting. Say goodbye to uneven heat distribution and hello to flawless extensions.

To prevent any heat-related mishaps, our tool features three dissipating holes for effective heat dissipation. These holes allow excess heat to escape, keeping the tool cool to the touch and minimizing the risk of burns or damage to your hair or extensions.

With an LCD temperature display, our Keratin Bond Heat Tool provides precise control over the temperature settings. Ranging from 180 up to 220 degrees, you can easily adjust the heat to suit your specific needs and hair type. Whether you prefer a lower heat for fine hair or a higher heat for thick hair, our tool has got you covered.

For added convenience, our tool features an on/off button, allowing you to power it on and off with ease. No more unplugging or fumbling with cords when you need a quick break or when you’re done with your application.

We understand the importance of flexibility during the application process, which is why our Keratin Bond Heat Tool comes with a generous 2.5-meter cord length. This ample cord length, combined with a swivel cord design, ensures maximum maneuverability and eliminates any restrictions or tangling.

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