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Introducing our latest addition to our range of hair extension products – the Italian Keratin Glue! Designed specifically for use with our high-quality keratin hair extensions, this innovative glue is now available in stock.

Our Italian Keratin Glue is a premium-grade adhesive that provides a strong and durable bond, ensuring that your hair extensions stay securely in place. Made with the finest ingredients, this glue is formulated with keratin, a natural protein found in hair, to ensure a seamless blend and easy application for a natural look.

One of the key advantages of our Italian Keratin Glue is its long-lasting hold. Whether you’re looking for a temporary transformation or a more permanent solution, our glue is designed to withstand regular washing, styling, and everyday activities. Say goodbye to worries about your hair extensions slipping or coming loose!

Furthermore, our Italian Keratin Glue is known for its gentle application and removal process. The glue is easy to melt and apply, allowing for a smooth and hassle-free installation. When it comes time to remove the extensions, the glue can be easily dissolved with our specially formulated removal solution, minimizing any potential damage to your natural hair.

At Brooke Hames Hair we prioritise the quality and safety of our products. Our Italian Keratin Glue undergoes rigorous testing and is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that it is safe for both you and your hair. We understand that your hair is precious, and we strive to provide products that enhance its beauty while maintaining its health.

Whether you’re a professional stylist or a hair enthusiast, our Italian Keratin Glue is a must-have tool for achieving flawless and long-lasting hair extensions. With its superior hold, easy application, and gentle removal process, you can confidently transform your look and enjoy the benefits of luscious, voluminous hair.

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