Vanilla Sponge #60


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Our Super Slim Weft is designed to provide the most natural-looking results when applied to the hair. It is especially suitable for The Invisible Bead Method and is perfect for those with thin or fragile hair.

This weft is incredibly discreet, as it is one of the thinnest, flattest, and lightest wefts available on the market. Its 1.5 mm seam ensures a seamless and undetectable blend with your natural hair.

Measuring 80 cm in length, this weft offers versatility in styling and can be easily cut to your desired size. Despite its lightweight nature, it does not shed and remains securely in place.

Each pack contains 55g of premium Russian Grade Hair, which is known for its silky smooth texture and shiny appearance. Made from 100% Remy Hair, these extensions have undergone a gentle and meticulous process to maintain their natural alignment and cuticles intact.

With proper care, our Super Slim Weft can last up to 12 months, providing long-lasting beauty and value for your investment. To enhance your experience, we offer free expressed shipping Australia wide for your convenience and world wide shipping.

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Length and Grams

18 inch 55g(Out of Stock), 20 inch 55g, 22 inch 55g, 24 inch 55g(Out of Stock)

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